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VMWare ESXi : create clone VMs via CLI

[root@localhost Storage1]# pwd

[root@localhost Storage1]# ls

[root@localhost Storage1]# mkdir centos5.4-64bit-2

[root@localhost Storage1]# vmkfstools -i centos5.4-64bit-1/centos5.4-64bit-1.vmdk centos5.
Destination disk format: VMFS zeroedthick
Cloning disk 'centos5.4-64bit-1/centos5.4-64bit-1.vmdk'...
Clone: 100% done.
[root@localhost Storage1]#

[root@localhost Storage1]# ls centos5.4-64bit-2/
centos5.4-64bit-2-flat.vmdk  centos5.4-64bit-2.vmdk

新規仮想マシンを作成、Cutsom -> vmkfstools で作成した vmdk を指定して終わり。

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