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X2go : disappear mouse pointer

Sometime mouse pointer has vanished..
I’m not sure whether this problem is caused by server side or client side , however I found one of solutions.
When I close X2go client and restart , this symptom seem to be resolved.

X2go server :Ubuntu 10.10 Server 64bit
X2go client 3.01-4 : Windows7 32bit ( 3.01-4 )

X2go server I have installed on Ubuntu
# dpkg -l x2go* | grep ^ii
ii  x2goagent                            3.4.0-3-1                                         Special NX-ized client, was developed by NoMachine to handle X sessions
ii  x2gognomebindings                    2.0.1-1                                           Description: x2gognomebindings (GNOME mimetypes for x2go)
ii  x2goserver                           3.0.1-5                                           x2goserver (daemon and tools)
ii  x2goserver-home                      3.0.1-1                                           x2goserver-one (One Node Edition - for single server usage)
ii  x2goserver-one                       3.0.1-1                                           x2goserver-one (One Node Edition - for single server usage)

I uninstalled X2go client 3.01-4 n’ installed 3.01-2 which is stable version to see how it goes.
X2go client download site : http://www.x2go.org/index.php?id=7

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