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Xbox 360: How to cancel your xbox live gold membership or turn off auto-renewal

I decided to cancel my Xbox live account , 'cause my Xbox's 3 years warranty has expired.
During the 3 years warranty , my Xbox360 has broken 2 times ( RROD , Red Ring of Death ).

Of course I enjoyed xbox 360 , love Halo , Gears of War , Project Gotham Racing etc. 
I think Xbox 360 is one of the best video game consoles , but that's enough for me.

By default ,  Xbox live Auto renewal is enabled. How can I terminate it?

Seen from http://support.xbox.com/en-us/pages/xbox-live/how-to/xbox-live-account-management/cancel-account.aspx , there are two ways to cancel your Xbox live.

1. call Xbox support


2. login to https://login.live.com w/ your xbox live account n' turn off auto-renewal

Which is the easiest way ?

My answer is 1.

[ 1 call Xbox support ]

Before calling xbox support , plz prepare last four digits of your credit card n' phone number you registered.
In my case , it took 5 minutes or so to cancel.

[ 2. login to https:://login.live.com n' turn off auto-renewal ]

login -> My xbox -> accounts 

click "turn off auto-renewal"

Big problem is .... when I go to My xbox -> accounts , I always face an error as below.

Why ???  explanation is .. occurs an error in system ..
The root cause is what ?

Okay , I'm using Google Chromium browser , is this problem ??

Let's access w/ Windows Internet Explorer 9 on Windows7.
I think this combination has a good compatibility 'cause M$ sells Xbox 360 n' Windows 7 :)

The result is ... same error... occurs an error in system.

Can't reach My xbox account setting n' can't turn off auto-renewal !!!

I tried 'bout 10 times ......result is ... again !

Can't reach My xbox account setting n' can't turn off auto-renewal !!!

Auto renewal should be off by default !!!

Waste of time n' money.
From the M$ point of view , this is good system , 'cause M$ can get much $ every month from auto-renewal subscription fee.

So I would recommend you call Xbox support :)

Thx for stoppin' by.

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