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boot Fedora 15 Live via a USB stick

I built a bootable USB stick of Fedora 15 Live with unetbootin on Ubuntu 11.04

[ preparation ]

install unetbootin ( apt-get install unetbootin )
download Fedora 15 ISO image ( Fedora-15-i686-Live-Desktop.iso )
a USB stick ( I prepared 4GB USB stick )

[ procedure ]

on Ubuntu11.04 laptop machine:

insert a USB

launch unetbootin
root@hat1:~# unetbootin

choose Fedora ISO image and select USB drive in which you want to build bootable image.

click OK

Here’s an output of “ls” in the USB stick
root@hat1:.../12B5-186F# pwd
root@hat1:.../12B5-186F# ls
EFI  LiveOS    ldlinux.sys  syslinux.cfg  ubninit  ubnpathl.txt
GPL  isolinux  menu.c32     ubnfilel.txt  ubnkern

[ Let’s boot Fedora 15 live from the USB stick with my notebook ]

on my notebook:

enable boot from USB drive on BIOS setting
insert the USB stick
turn on my notebook

on Unet bootin boot menu , select “Fedora-15-i686-Live-Desktop.iso”

If your video card does not have a capability of GNOME3 , select BOOT ( Basic Video )

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