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FreeNX : How to set up session shadowing ( Linux Mint 12 )

The session shadowing offers you to share the same NX session with multiple users.
For example , you and your coworkers/customers can view/operate the same NX session when having web-based conferences/meetings/demonstrations etc.

[ set up NX session shadowing ]

- NX server

# egrep -i shadow server.cfg | egrep -v ^#
EnableSessionShadowing = "1"
EnableInteractiveSessionShadowing = "1"
EnableSessionShadowingAuthorization = "1"

- EnableSessionShadowing
enable or disable session shadowing

- EnableInteractiveSessionShadowing
1 : share display ( operate via both the master session and shadowing sessions )
0 : view only ( operate via only the master session )

- EnableSessionShadowingAuthorization
1 : need to get an approval from the master session before establishing shadowing sessions
0 : no need to get an approval
# /etc/init.d/nxserver restart

- NX client

Create a new session for the session shadowing.
Enter any session name and then click “Configure”

Choose “Shadow” and click “OK”

Let’s try the NX session shadowing

At first , connect to the NX server as the master session ( not Shadowing sessions )
The difference between the master and shadow sessions is Desktop setting of NX client.

Master Session : Desktop : Unix , GNOME
Shadow Session : Desktop : Shadow

- NX client : Master session

- establish the master session ( user test1 )

- establish the shadow session ( user test2 )

You will be asked which the session (  master session or new ) you want to use.
Choose the master session and click Attach.

Requesting the approval to establish the session shadowing.

On the master session display , pop-up will be appeared as below.
Click Accept.


You can send message like this:

You can disconnect the shadowing session from the master session.

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