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vSphere 5 : make a clone VM using a template

When cloning a VM using a template , you can make a customized VM , such as changing hostname , IP address , timezone from an original VM.
ESXi 5.0.0 , 623860

original VM : CentOS 5.5 32bit

connect to a vcenter ( not ESXi )

Home -> Customization Specifications Manager

Click “new” to make a template

enter info such as hostname , IP address ( static or DHCP ) etc.

select an original VM -> right click -> clone

choose the template file you created

You also make a customized clone VM from a template VM.

- prepare an original VM
- convert the original VM to a template VM
- make template with Customization Specifications Manager
- make a clone VM from the template VM and customize a clone VM using the template which you created with Customization Specifications Manager.

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