lost and found ( for me ? )

install ratproxy on Linux Mint14

about ratproxy

In short, ratproxy is passive web application security assessment tool

[ install ratproxy ]

You can install ratproxy via apt-get.
# apt-get install -y  ratproxy

start ratproxy
# ratproxy -v tmp_logs -w log.txt -d com -p 8080 -lfscm

launch browser and then configure proxy as and access to *.com sites.
after browsing , close the browser and then stop ratproxy

summary logs are in the log.txt and detailed logs are in *.trace file.
# head -1 log.txt
0|1|HTTP errors|-|503|989|text/html|text/html|iso-8859-1|tmp_logs/515254c8-7ffa.trace

# ls tmp_logs/*
tmp_logs/515253d9-7bc2.trace  tmp_logs/515253f3-7cb5.trace
tmp_logs/515253da-7bdd.trace  tmp_logs/515253f3-7cb7.trace

make a report file.
# ratproxy-report log.txt > report.html

view report.html

to output more detailed info , run ratproxy like this:
# ratproxy -v tmp_logs -w log.txt -d com -p 8080 -lextiscgjm

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