lost and found ( for me ? )

build httest form a source code on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit

# tail -1 /etc/lsb-release
# uname -ri
3.8.0-23-generic x86_64
# gcc –version

You can install httest with apt-get.
# apt-cache search httest
httest - HTTP test tool

# apt-get install -y httest

# httest --version
httest 2.2.6

httest version which has been shipped with Ubuntu is a little bit old.
The latest version is 2.4.3 as of now.

build httest from a source code.

[ build httest from a source code including trial and error logs ]

# tar xzvf httest-2.4.3.tar.gz
# cd httest-2.4.3/

build httest.
# ./configure
checking for socket... yes
./configure: line 12097: apr-1-config: command not found
libapr is missing

# apt-get install libapr1 libapr1-dev -y

try again.
# ./configure
./configure: line 12102: apu-1-config: command not found
libaprutil is missing

# apt-get install libaprutil1 libaprutil1-dev -y

Okay I was able to build the latest httest.
# ./configure
# make
# make install

# /usr/local/bin/httest --version
httest 2.4.3

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