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CentOS6 64bit: install munin server and node by using EPEL repository


[ munin server ]

# rpm -ivh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm

# yum update

# yum install munin

[root@localhost munin]# pwd

[root@localhost munin]# ls
conf.d          munin-node.conf  node.d         plugins  templates
munin-htpasswd  munin.conf       plugin-conf.d  static

# egrep -v ^# munin.conf | egrep -v ^$
dbdir   /var/lib/munin
htmldir /var/www/html/munin
logdir /var/log/munin
rundir  /var/run/munin
includedir /etc/munin/conf.d
graph_strategy cron
cgiurl_graph /munin-cgi/munin-cgi-graph
html_strategy cron
   use_node_name yes
   use_node_name yes
+fork no

# chown -R munin.munin /var/www/html/munin

# /etc/init.d/munin-node start
Starting Munin Node: [  OK  ]

to view statistics over HTTP
# yum install httpd

# htpasswd -c /etc/munin/munin-htpasswd hattori
New password:
Re-type new password:
Adding password for user hattori

# apachectl start

the munin-server and munin-nodes use TCP4949 for its communication.

cron job for munin are executed every 5 minutes.
[root@localhost cron.d]# pwd
[root@localhost cron.d]# cat munin
# cron-jobs for munin


*/5 * * * *     munin test -x /usr/bin/munin-cron && /usr/bin/munin-cron

[ munin node ]

install munin-node

# rpm -ivh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm

# yum install munin-node -y

allow access from the munin-server
egrep -v ^# munin-node.conf | grep -v ^$
log_level 4
log_file /var/log/munin-node/munin-node.log
pid_file /var/run/munin/munin-node.pid
background 1
setsid 1
user root
group root
ignore_file [\#~]$
ignore_file DEADJOE$
ignore_file \.bak$
ignore_file %$
ignore_file \.dpkg-(tmp|new|old|dist)$
ignore_file \.rpm(save|new)$
ignore_file \.pod$
allow ^127\.0\.0\.1$
allow ^::1$
allow ^192\.168\.122\.223$
host *
port 4949

# /etc/init.d/munin-node start
Starting Munin Node: [  OK  ]

[ access to the munin-server]

http:// munin server IP/munin

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