lost and found ( for me ? )

openstack havana RDO : run instances by using cirros image

about how to install openstack havana, please check an URL below.

I’m a newbie to openstack..
Here are trial and error logs when starting instances after finishing the installation of openstack havana via RDO.

login to dashboard with “demo” user. ( not admin user! )
check the current network configuration ( GUI -> Manage Network )
there is one router: router1 and one private network: private1 ( )

create an instance “instance01”
Manage Compute -> Instances -> Launch Instance

Details tab.

Access & Security Tab

enter admin password.
security group “Default

Networking Tab

select private ( network and launch the instance.

the instance “instance01” is running

add one more instance called “instance02”

There are two instances running.


login to instance01 via console and send ping to instance02(

I might change security groups “default” .. however I am not sure what rules I add.

maybe, add permission of icmp and SSH access.

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