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Puppet Enterprise 3.1 part2 : Live management of agent nodes

Assume you have already set up puppet enterprise master and agent nodes.
Here are logs when viewing live management to control nodes.
You can manage puppet nodes timely, for example, listing service status, listing installed packages, starting/stopping/restarting services on agent boxes.

There are one master and one agent in my testing environments.
master.example.com ( master node )
agent01.example.com ( agent node )

on the master, live management  -> browse resources -> user
list user information on the agent01 box.

check service info of the agent01 box.

start service ( postfix ) on the agent01 box from puppet master.

on the agent01, postfix is not running.
[root@agent01 ~]# service postfix status
master is stopped

enter “postfix” in the service box and click “Run”

on the agent.
[root@agent01 ~]# service postfix status
master (pid  5159) is running...

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