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Ubuntu 13.10: chrome has become very unstable after upgrading the chrome over apt-get upgrade

When I upgraded a chrome browser to 33.0.1750.152-0ubuntu0.13.10.1~pkg984.1 from 32.0.1700.107-0ubuntu0.13.10.1~20140204.972.1 via apt-get upgrade on my ubuntu 13.10 box, my chrome browser has become very unstable, crash again and again..

In my case, this crash seemed to be caused by some or one plugin.
I am not sure which plugins caused this, because I disabled all plugins.

I tried the following

- disable IPv6 ( crash )
- disable TCP window scaling ( crash )
- open chrome browser as secret mode ( Okay )
- disable all plugins ( Okay )

You can start chrome browser without loading extensions by chromium-browser --disable-extensions in the CLI.

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