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Fedora 21: manage a bridge device with nmcli.

Here are logs when adding a bridge with nmcli.

I will create a bridge named ovsbr10.

before adding the bridge, confirm ovsbr10 does not exit.
[root@f21 ~]# ip addr show | grep ovsbr10
[root@f21 ~]#

add a connection profile for the bridge “ovsbr10”.
please note that the connection profile name is “bridge-ovsbr10”.
[root@f21 ~]# nmcli con add type bridge ifname ovsbr10

Connection 'bridge-ovsbr10' (df26c72e-a7f4-4a2a-b91a-c53e27b007b0) successfully added.

[root@f21 ~]# nmcli c show | grep ovsbr
bridge-ovsbr10           df26c72e-a7f4-4a2a-b91a-c53e27b007b0  bridge          --         

add an IP to that connection profile.
[root@f21 ~]# nmcli c modify bridge-ovsbr10 ipv4.method manual ipv4.addresses ""

[root@f21 ~]# nmcli --pretty connection show bridge-ovsbr10
                 Connection profile details (bridge-ovsbr10)
connection.id:                          bridge-ovsbr10
connection.uuid:                        df26c72e-a7f4-4a2a-b91a-c53e27b007b0
connection.interface-name:              ovsbr10
connection.type:                        bridge
connection.autoconnect:                 yes
connection.timestamp:                   0
connection.read-only:                   no
connection.zone:                        --
connection.master:                      --
connection.slave-type:                  --
connection.gateway-ping-timeout:        0
ipv4.method:                            manual
ipv4.addresses:                         { ip =, gw = }
ipv4.ignore-auto-routes:                no

bring up the bridge.
[root@f21 ~]# nmcli c up bridge-ovsbr10
Connection successfully activated (D-Bus active path: /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/9)
[root@f21 ~]#

[root@f21 ~]# ip addr show | grep ovsbr10
21: ovsbr10: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state DOWN group default
   inet brd scope global ovsbr10
[root@f21 ~]#

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