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System Rescue CD

What’s System Rescue CD ?

System Rescue CD is a linux-based live CD for backing up data.
There are some helpful tools as below.

  • GNU Parted: creates, resizes, moves, copies partitions, and filesystems (and more).
  • GParted: GUI implementation using the GNU Parted library.
  • Partimage: popular opensource disk image software which works at the disk block level
  • ddrescue: Attempts to make a copy of a partition or floppy/Hard Disk/CD/DVD that has hardware errors, optionally filling corresponding bad spots in input with user defined pattern in the copy.
  • FSArchiver: flexible archiver that can be used as both system and data recovery software
  • File systems tools (for Linux and Windows filesystems): format, resize, and debug an existing partition of a hard disk
  • Ntfs3g: enables read/write access to MS Windows NTFS partitions.
  • sfdisk: saves / restores partition table (and more).
  • Test-disk: tool to check and undelete partition, supports reiserfs, ntfs, fat32, ext2/3 and many others
  • Memtest+: to test the memory of your computer (first thing to test when you have a crash or unexpected problems)
  • Rsync: very-efficient and reliable program that can be used for remote backups.
  • Network tools (Samba, NFS, ping, nslookup, ...): to backup your data across the network
As this is a live CD ,  you can use these tools w/o installing.
It also includes X11 , Firefox , CD/DVD burning tool etc.

System Rescue CD is gentoo-based linux.
root@sysresccd /root % cat /etc/gentoo-release
Gentoo Base System release 2.0.1-r1
root@sysresccd /root % uname -r

[ How to mount NTFS partitions ]

You can mount NTFS partitions n’ archive data w/ Ntfs3g like this.

1.  Check NTFS partition.

Menu -> System -> Show Filesystems
=====================>>> fsarchiver probe simple <<<=====================
[======DISK======] [=============NAME==============] [====SIZE====] [MAJ] [MIN]
[sda             ] [WDC WD3200BEVT-0               ] [   298.09 GB] [  8] [  0]

[=====DEVICE=====] [==FILESYS==] [======LABEL======] [====SIZE====] [MAJ] [MIN]
[loop0           ] [squashfs   ] [<unknown>        ] [   225.20 MB] [  7] [  0]
[sda1            ] [ntfs       ] [Windows RE       ] [   300.00 MB] [  8] [  1]
[sda2            ] [ntfs       ] [ONKYO-RECOVERY   ] [    19.53 GB] [  8] [  2]
[sda3            ] [ntfs       ] [<unknown>        ] [   139.13 GB] [  8] [  3]
[sda4            ] [ntfs       ] [<unknown>        ] [   139.12 GB] [  8] [  4]

Press a key to continue

2. mount NTFS partition ( /dev/sda3) w/  read/write permission.
root@sysresccd /root % ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /mnt/windows

3. You can see an  NTFS partition n’ get the data you need
root@sysresccd /root % ls /mnt/windows/*
/mnt/windows/AUTOEXEC.BAT  /mnt/windows/MSDOS.SYS
/mnt/windows/bootfont.bin  /mnt/windows/NTDETECT.COM
/mnt/windows/boot.ini      /mnt/windows/ntldr
/mnt/windows/CONFIG.SYS    /mnt/windows/pagefile.sys
/mnt/windows/hiberfil.sys  /mnt/windows/vcredist_x86.log


/mnt/windows/Documents and Settings:
Administrator  All Users  Default User  hattori  LocalService  NetworkService



App  Doc  Drivers  OfficeNavi

/mnt/windows/Program Files:
Adobe                                   Movie Maker
BUFFALO                                 MSBuild
Common Files                            MSN
ComPlus Applications                    MSN Gaming Zone
EBI                                     MSXML 4.0
InstallShield Installation Information  NetMeeting
Intel                                   Online Services
Internet Explorer                       Outlook Express
InterVideo                              Realtek
Java                                    Reference Assemblies
Jrail5                                  Roxio
JustSystems_Setup                       Synaptics
JWord                                   Uninstall Information
McAfee                                  Windows Live
mcafee.com                              Windows Live SkyDrive
Messenger                               Windows Media Connect 2
Microsoft                               Windows Media Player
microsoft frontpage                     Windows NT
Microsoft Silverlight                   WindowsUpdate
Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition    xerox
Microsoft Sync Framework


/mnt/windows/System Volume Information:
MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase                 tracking.log

0.log                     MicCal.exe                 Sti_Trace.log
addins                    Microsoft.NET              system
ALCMTR.EXE                msagent                    system32
ALCWZRD.EXE               msapps                     system.ini
AppPatch                  MSCompPackV1.log           tabletoc.log
assembly                  msdfmap.ini                TASKMAN.EXE
グリーン ストーン.bmp     msgsocm.log                Tasks
シャボン.bmp              msmqinst.log               Temp
しゃくなげ.bmp            mui                        tsoc.log
サンタフェ.bmp            netfxocm.log               twain_32
フィッシング.bmp          Network Diagnostic         twain_32.dll
bootstat.dat              NOTEPAD.EXE                twain.dll
clock.avi                 ntdtcsetup.log             twunk_16.exe
cmsetacl.log              $NtUninstallKB955704$      twunk_32.exe
comsetup.log              $NtUninstallMSCompPackV1$  UN900114.EXE
Config                    $NtUninstallWdf01009$      UN900114.INI
Connection Wizard         $NtUninstallWMFDist11$     UN900120.EXE
control.ini               $NtUninstallwmp11$         UN900120.INI
csup.txt                  $NtUninstallWudf01000$     UN900503.EXE
Cursors                   ocgen.log                  UN900503.INI
Debug                     ocmsn.log                  updspapi.log
_default.pif              ODBCINST.INI               vbaddin.ini
desktop.ini               OEWABLog.txt               vb.ini
DirectX.log               Offline Web Pages          vmmreg32.dll
Downloaded Program Files  pchealth                   vncutil.exe
DPINST.LOG                PeerNet                    WBEM
Driver Cache              Prefetch                   Wdf01009Inst.log
drivers                   Provisioning               Web
DtcInstall.log            rechid.bin                 wiadebug.log
ehome                     regedit.exe                wiaservc.log
explorer.exe              Registration               WindowsShell.Manifest
explorer.scf              REGLOCS.OLD                WindowsUpdate.log
FaxSetup.log              regopt.log                 winhelp.exe
Fonts                     repair                     winhlp32.exe
Help                      Resources                  win.ini
$hf_mig$                  RTHDCPL.EXE                winnt256.bmp
hh.exe                    RtkAudioService.exe        winnt.bmp
I386                      RTLCPL.EXE                 WinSxS
ie8                       RtlExUpd.dll               WLXPGSS.SCR
ie8.log                   RtlUpd.exe                 WMFDist11.log
ie8_main.log              SchedLgU.Txt               wmp11.log
iis6.log                  security                   wmprfJPN.prx
ime                       sessmgr.setup.log          wmsetup10.log
imsins.BAK                setupact.log               wmsetup.log
imsins.log                setupapi.log               WMSysPr9.prx
inf                       setuperr.log               Wudf01000Inst.log
Installer                 setuplog.txt               xpsp1hfm.log
java                      SkyTel.exe                 大草原の風.bmp
KB954708.log              smscfg.ini                 珈琲カップ.bmp
KB955704.log              SoftwareDistribution       サポテック織り.bmp
L2Schemas                 SOUNDMAN.EXE               羽毛.bmp
MedCtrOC.log              spupdsvc.log               隅田川.bmp
Media                     srchasst                   青いレース編み 16.bmp
root@sysresccd /root %

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