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Chromium browser : Chromium can not be run as root.

When I launched Chrome as root , I saw the following error.

root@bt:~# chromium-browser --version
Chromium 11.0.696.65 Ubuntu 10.04

The reason why I launch Chromium as root is accessing to chromium browser machine through VNC n’ logging on as root user.
                         via VNC
ubuntu 11.04 ------------------  crhomium browser machine ( BackTrack Linux 5 )

From the security point of the view , starting chromium as root is dangerous.

launch chromium as non-root user like this.

1. connect to BackTrack linux (BT) from Ubuntu through VNC ( root user )

2. on BT machine , type  xhost +

3. switch to non-root user n’ launch chromium browser.

# su - “non-root user”
$ chromium-browser &

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  1. Thanks a lot for this workaround... all the post I found up until now were tackling this by circumventing the check for the root uid. This makes the sandbox approach totally obsolete, so I wondered why there isn't a way to just run it as an unprivileged user, all my own attempts failed. As I now know, it was due to the xhost list. Now... if I just add the unprivileged account to the xhost list chromium does start in some strange default mode and the terminal gives me a ton of errors, if I disable xhost (as you suggest) it works fine, but I don't feel totally comfortable with it. Wouldn't the addition to the list be more 'clean'?? Why does disabling it totally and adding the unprivileged user to the list result in different things? I guess, I just haven't enough insight into the whole xhost thing... could you elaborate? Thanks a lot!!


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