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HP iLO2 : how to upgrade to a new iLO2 firmware. ( upgrade to 2.05 from 2.01 )

Here are procedures for the upgrade of iLO firmware.
download scexe file
extract bin file rom scexe file ( bin file is used for the upgrade )
upload bin file via iLO GUI

[ Step by step logs I did ]

1. download an iLO firmware from HP site. (http://www.hp.com/support/ilo2 )

I got CP014270.scexe ( ver. 2.05 ) of RHEL5 64bit ver.
Note that download the proper OS’s scexe file so that you can extract bin file from scexe successfully.

I’m currently using ver 2.01.
you can confirm current firmware version you’re using , iLO GUI -> Administration -> iLO2 Firmware
Current Firmware: 
2.01 08/04/2010

2. check md5 sum
# md5sum CP014270.scexe
894ac5ed3c2a4416bb0c414c1eeb2e6c  CP014270.scexe

3. unpack scexe n’ extract bin file from scexe on RHEL5 64bit

ilo2 firmware will be extracted iLO_bin directory.

# sh CP014270.scexe --unpack=iLO_bin

Four files will be unpacked under iLO_bin directory.
ilo2_205J.bin is used for the upgrade.
# ls iLO_bin/*
iLO_bin/CP014270.xml  iLO_bin/flash_ilo2
iLO_bin/README.TXT    iLO_bin/ilo2_205J.bin

4. download bin file to local windows machine via scp or something.

5. upload bin file through iLO GUI ( I’m using IE for uploading firmware )

- extract scsexe file on RHEL5 64bit
- download bin file to Win 7 machine from RHEL5 64bit machine.
- access to iLO GUI via IE on Win 7
- upload/upgrade firmware via IE on Win 7

iLO GUI -> Administration -> iLO2 Firmware -> New firmware image
select a bin file n’ click “Send firmware Image” button.

get things done ! Firmware version turns new version 2.05 !

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