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F5 LTM 1600 : how to activate a license

1.set up an IP address for MGMT port

Connect your PC to LTM console port

baud rate 19200
user: root
pass: default
localhost.localdomain login: root
Last login: Wed May 11 21:08:29 on ttyS0

Type “config” for setting up an IP address
[root@localhost:NO LICENSE] config # config

Just follow the instructions.
configuration file will be save in bigip_base.conf file.
[root@localhost:NO LICENSE] config # cat /config/bigip_base.conf
mgmt {
self allow {
     tcp ssh
     tcp domain
     tcp snmp
     tcp https
     tcp 4353
     udp domain
     udp snmp
     udp efs
     udp 1026
     udp 4353
     proto ospf
shell write partition Common

2. Activate a license

launch Web browser n’ access to MGMT address.

user : admin
pass : admin

You need to get a license file from at https://activate.f5.com/license/ .
Before accessing to https://activate.f5.com/license , you need to prepare a registration key n’ a dossier file which are available on your LTM via Web.
Then generate a license file at https://activate.f5.com/license.

Finally paste a license file generated at F5 site on your LTM.
activation done.

Now you can configure LB setting!

CLI prompt will be changed from NO LICENSE to Active
Before activate
[root@localhost:NO LICENSE] config #

After activate
[root@localhost:Active] config #

license file will be stored in /config/bigip.license.
[root@localhost:Active] config # cat bigip.license

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