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How to use vmnetcfg on VMware player 3.1 WIndows ver.

By default , vmnetcfg will not be installed on vmware player 3.x.
However vmnetcfg exists in an installer file ( exe file ).
So you can use vmnetcfg on vmwre player 3.x by extracting it from installer file.

I’ve already installed vmware player 3.1 w/o vmnetcfg.
The following is how to add vmnetcfg.


open a command prompt and move to the directory where vmware installer exists.
type the following command.
>C:\vmware_player\VMware-player-3.1.4-385536.exe /e .\netcfg


netcft directory will be created in the same directory where an installer file exists.


open network.cab file which is in netfcfg directory.
you will find vmnetcfg.exe.


copy vmnetcfg.exe file to the direcotry where you have installed vmwre player.
In my case , move vmnetcfg.exe to “C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Player” directory.


click vmnetcfg.exe.
you can use virtual network editor.

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